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Hard and rigid, very resistant to heat. Has high chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance.

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Tough yet machinable, resistant to chemicals, moisture, and solvents. High strength and stiffness.

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High impact resistance. Easily formed and fabricated without losing durability.

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PVC Grade 1

Widely used for its versatility. Resistant to oils and gases has very high chemical resistance.

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High strength toughness, non-reactive and maintains its strength in high and low temperatures. Its resistance to abrasion, chemical reaction...

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Lightweight, strong alternative to glass. Not as strong as polycarbonate, but easy to cut, and drill and good long-term resistance to sunlight and weathering.

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Hard and rigid. Resistant to moisture and many chemicals. Good for electrical insulators.

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Durable, high impact resistance, and lightweight. Low scratch resistance, but can withstand a higher range of temperatures than acrylic...

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High abrasion, impact and chemical resistance. Friction and weather resistance makes it a good substitute for metal in many applications.

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Rugged, lightweight, abrasion and corrosion resistant.

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Care for our products :

Use a plastic cleaner and polish and a microfiber cloth to clean. Start on a small area, going in a circular motion gently. 


If the plastic cleaner and polish are not available, use water and a very mild detergent, apply very small amount and clean with a microfiber cloth.