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Colors: clear, white, bronze, black, frosted, mirror, non-glare, UV filter, transparent red, solid red, gray, transparent blue, solid light blue, solid navy blue, transparent dark green, solid dark green, golden yellow, yellow, and purple.

Thickness: (In Stock)

Clear – 1/16″ (.060), 1/10″ (.094), 1/8″ (.118), 3/16″ (.177), 1/4″ (.236), 3/8″ (.345), 1/2″ (.472), 3/4″ (.708), 1″ (.944)

Black and White – 1/8″ (.118), 1/4″ (.236)

Colored and Tinted – 1/8″ (.118)

Sheet Size – 4′ x 8′

Properties: Lightweight, string alternative to glass. Not as strong as polycarbonate, but easy to cut, drill, and has excellent optical properties and good long-term resistance to sunlight and weathering.

Uses: A wide variety of applications such as skylights, window glazing, retail displays, signs, optical displays, and picture framing.

Care for our products :

Use a plastic cleaner and polish and a microfiber cloth to clean. Start on a small area, going in a circular motion gently.  

If the plastic cleaner and polish are not available, use water and a very mild detergent, apply very small amount and clean with a microfiber cloth. 


Rough paper towels,  Glass cleaner,  Alcohol,  Scouring Compounds,  Acetone,  Gasoline,  Benzene,  Lacquer Thinner,  Cleaning Wipes,  Disinfecting Cleaner